Monday, September 23, 2013

Why Film In Newnan Georgia? Location, Location, Location...

Why do so many movie and television productions choose the the Newnan, Coweta County Georgia area to film? I once heard a film producer refer to Newnan as the quintessential American hometown. This is the place Norman Rockwell would have felt at home and the feel of the era of a simpler time is preserved here in the areas architecture, culture and lifestyle. It's like a ready made hometown USA set that can be easily transformed to fit just about any historic era. There are also many nearby scenic,historic, and rural areas ready made for filming. And all only 30 minutes from the worlds busiest airport in Atlanta.
Over the past decade many film projects have filmed in Newnan and nearby areas of the county such as Senoia and Grantville. From the current productions of AMC's the Walking Dead, Drop Dead Diva  to big budget movies like Zombieland, Dumb and Dumber To (2), 2012s Lawless and many others (see List) Coweta County has been gracious hosts and has in return the community has reaped financial benefits. The future promises to bring even more film action with the continuing production of the wildly popular Walking Dead and Drop Dead Diva as well as the nearby opening of Pinewood Studios Atlanta.
Old Courthouse Downtown Newnan
Old Factory Newnan, GA used in The Walking Dead
Parrot Camp Soucy House Newnan GA
Historic Dunaway Gardens
Newnan Hospital
Historic Downtown

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